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What is edubooks4all.com?

Is the biggest online e-bookstore based exclusively on selling e-books of the leading Publishing Houses in the Greek Market.     

Wide variety of Books

www.edubooks4all.com offers a wide variety of books from Greek and Foreign Publishers, whose number is growing daily. If you are a publisher and you're intrested in collaborating with www.edubooks4all.com, please contact us.

Read wherever you are  

The e-books available in www.edubooks4all.com are in PDF&EPUB formats in order to be readable on all portable e-book readers currently sold in the Greek Market and on the traditional PC.  

As cheap as it gets

The price of the e-books in www.edubooks4all.com is lower than the price of the traditional printed books which is an advantage for the bobliophiles.      

Start Reading!      

www.edubooks4all.com e-bookstore is friendly and easy to use. Browsing books is really quick, with multiple choises (for example author, title, publisher, etc.) while each book has many information. The e-book purchase is easier. Just click directly from your PC, by using your credit card. At the same time the e-book purchased is available on your PC & on your e-reader.    

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