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edubooks4all.com R Application for iPhone & iPad

edubooks4all.com is a unique reading application offered for free e-books and Adobe DRM protected books. The user can browse the list of the e-bookstore and find his favorite book.

The application provides a unique reading experience for EPUB and PDF files. Especially for PDF files that is usually difficult to be read on electronic devices (smartphones), the application offers a "reflow" option that facilitates the reading even on smartphones with very small screen. While reading an e-book, you can add bookmarks, notes and annotations, as well as to search for a word or phrase in the text.

The application has many features that allow you to socialize with your friends using your personal profile on Facebook and Twitter. For cross reading (from one device to another), edubooks4all.com application offers a synchronization function that allows readers to store and retrieve bookmarks, notes and observations using the "Cloud service". In order to upload and read through the application any of your personal file (PDF, epub, acsm), you can use the feature 'Open in' of Apple iOS by clicking for a few seconds on the selected file.

Ebooks purchased through edubooks4all.com web site, can be downloaded through the application from the Library and be loaded at the application using "iTunes filesharing functionality" or by clicking to the relevant library Link  in www.edubooks4all.com and by using the "Open In" mode.



From the Apple Store download for free edubooks4all.com R application (LINK). Once the application is installed, open it and go to "Settings". There, select "Adobe Id Activation" and by typing your Adobe Id and your Password, authorize the iPad.

If you do not have an account on edubooks4all.com visit www.edubooks4all.com and create one. Then, open the application and from the "Settings" login to edubooks4all.com entering the account information (username / password) that you specify.

Caution: Do not download any digital book on your iPad before installing and activating edubooks4all.com R application using the instructions above.

Through the Safari Browser visit  www.edubooks4all.com and buy your books.

Open your application.

Go to "Cloud", find the books you have buy and download them.

Click "Home" and Enjoy your Reading!

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